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Middletown Pollinator Pathway


   A pollinator pathway is a pesticide-free corridor of native plants that provide nutrition and habitat for pollinators.

These include birds, bees, butterflies and other insects, and mammals, rodents, and amphibians.

   The Pollinator Pathway movement seeks to reconnect our fragmented landscape by creating and connecting pollinator habitat right in our own communities--starting in your yard or neighborhood park.

If we begin to manage our own yards organically and with native plantings, we can use them to connect parks and preserves, creating crucial corridors for wildlife. That is the idea behind the Pollinator Pathway.

We hope you will join us by pledging to create a pollinator friendly habitat on your property!

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Why Middletown?

   The Northeast Pollinator Pathway has spread from one to over 85 connected towns in Connecticut and New York. It is our goal to include Middletown in the count!

   Volunteers and sponsors from various organizations committed to land stewardship, conservation, and sustainability have gathered together with the intention to build this pathway in Middletown and connect it to surrounding towns.  But the success of this effort depends on widespread enthusiasm by citizens gaining a new outlook on our yards, neighborhoods, and public spaces. Click the link below for a full explanation of the Pollinator Pathway Northeast organization.

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