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Our Action Points

It's simple. This is what we as a community can do to create a more environmentally healthy town and to put Middletown on the Pathway. All homeowners, property managers, community leaders and environmental advocates are needed to make this happen!

Blades of Grass_edited.jpg


  • leave the clippings on the grass

  • use slow-release organic fertilizer

  • replace part or all of your lawn with native plants

  • leave an unmowed section to allow native grasses to grow



  • Encourage helpful insects and birds to control pest populations

  • Remove pests by hand using garden gloves

  • Be prepared to tolerate some pest activity-it's only natural!

  • Use organic pesticides if necessary and apply in the evening when pollinators are least active



  • Native plants are those that have grown naturally in our area since before European colonization

  • Native trees, shrubs, and flowers provide important insect food which in turn feed our birds!

  • Native plants are vigorous, beautiful, and require little maintenance

What You Can Do: Causes
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