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Trees Are Pollinator Gardens in the Sky!

Conservation Walk and Talk about Forest Preservation

Saturday, November 13, 10:00 – 11:00

at the Guida Conservation Area parking lot,

At the Intersection of Round Hill & Coleman Road

(Rain Date Saturday November 20)

Join members of Middletown’s Commission on Conservation and Agriculture for an approximately one-hour tour of the woods at Guida Farm Conservation Area. Learn about past use of the land for farming and recent initiatives to enhance the public’s enjoyment of the trails and fields.

The history of the second-growth forests in Connecticut, the Guida Farm Management Plan, and changes to the property in the last 25 years will be discussed. We are seeking input from members of the public who have known this land for decades, and from those learned about it recently. Anyone interested in the public spaces available in our city is welcome.

Join in the discussion of how the property should be preserved:

  • As an open landscape illustrating the farming heritage in Middletown?

  • As a healthy maturing forest that will maximize carbon capture and help to combat global climate change?

  • As a diverse habitat that encourages the most abundant and different species of wildlife?

  • As sections of open grassland, a vanishing type of habitat, that will encourage bird species that are threatened and endangered?

  • As a forest that encourages commercial tree species that can be selectively logged to earn money for the city?

  • As an area with hiking paths, horse trails, ski trails, and mountain biking opportunities.

  • As some combination of the above?

Come for the walk, come for the discussion, come to volunteer for future events, or just come to meet the members of the Conservation Commission and find out more about open space in Middletown.

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